#rp14 speaker: Yvonne Hofstetter – Algorithms in the surveilled Net

The automation of stock market and financial exchanges has become so fast and complex that even the smartest traders find it difficult to keep an overview over it. In their daily work they rely more and more on artificial intelligence: powerful algorithms analyse market conditions and make decisions based on total efficiency maximisation.

Yvonne Hofstetter is a developer of this kind of artificial intelligence and founded Teramark Technologies, which develops algorithms for intelligent data analysis. She wants to help us to understand how those algorithms, which are already pervasive in many aspects of our daily lives, work. In her session, she will present an introduction to the broad field of algorithms and discuss its opportunities and risks.

Every day, we leave a long data trail behind us – by paying with credit or debit cards, the geo-locations sent out by our phones or the information we give out to social network databases, (more or less) through our own volition. Understanding how intelligent data analysis works and what drives it is, according to Hofstetter, the central task in our increasingly digitised world.

At #rp14, Yvonne Hofstetter will take us on an exploration of how algorithms affect our daily lives and why the notion that data volumes are becoming too large and complex to ever be analysed is an utter misconception. 

This session is part of our subconference "The Surveilled Net" and is brought to you with the kind support of The Federal Agency of Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung - bpb)

Photo: Heimo Aga