get re:ady Startups!

It’s on! On 6 May, the eighth re:publica will go INTO THE WILD and will be accompanied by three days of creative entrepreneurship through the startup scene at the STATION-Berlin. Our Startup-Area will once again feature young businessmen and women, tech startups and incubators looking to conquer the world with their ideas.

If you’d like to join this group, contact  pia [at] re-publica.de about our Startup-Packages, which include a booth in the Startup-Area, two three-day tickets to re:publica 2014, as well as a five minute pitch slot during the Startup-Session. Network, meet new people, snowball ideas with others and be part of re:publica from 6 – 8 May at the STATION-Berlin.

Today we are presenting some of the startups, which will be attending. Here we go.

Webpgr Blog

Webpgr (pronounced “webpager”) presents a new form of web design for a really interactive web-feeling. Intuitive navigation and visually stunning content management are what this young, Berlin-based startup specialises in. Dull menu hierarchies and constantly refreshing sub-pages are things of the past. With Webpgr, users go to links via simple gestures. Websites for desktops and mobile devices can be created online, with stunning visuals and intuitive usability in mind.

Webpgr is for everyone for whom “normal” just doesn’t cut it. Your projects, products and ideas are just as unique as you - why shouldn’t that be reflected on the Web? It could all be so easy, and beautiful too!


The team behind  ATHEIST may not believe in a god in the traditional sense, but if god were a shoe they’d have no problem with that. Either way, their passion and commitment for this essential garment is deep and confirmed by eulogistic customer comments like “devilishly comfortable” and “every step feels like your foot is being embraced by kittens”. The minimalist, Bauhau-inspired design is developed in Berlin, while production - of course featuring only the finest materials – takes place in Portugal.

ATHEIST 2012 was created through the support of reddit and Kickstarter and since then has been making feet happy from Tokyo to Saudi Arabia. The soles of their shoes also feature their unique, trade-marked slogan “I’m an atheist” and “Darwin Loves”. With these, which stylish shoe-apostles wouldn’t want to out themselves as heretics?


As a world-wide leading software company in augmented reality technologies,  Metaio develops visual interactive solutions to bridge the virtual and real world. Through Metaio’s product platform, interactive and multi-dimensional content is delivered through the user’s camera and is used to stylishly compliment the real world with information. It works so well that world-wide over 80 000 professional users and developers are already working with it.

Around 1 000 apps are based on this technology – including those of industry giants, such as IKEA, Audi and Volkswagen – which is is collectively reaching more than 30 million users. So, chances are re:publica visitors will probably already have been in contact with Metaio. If you want to know how to achieve international success in this segment of the market, come and visit Metaio in our Startup-Area.


Incredibly long and unbelievably thin – the hallmarks of Chile. Reductions to geographic features, however, should not belie that for the last few years the country has seen the emergence of a colourful and dynamic tech and startup culture. Chile’s government supports this trend and has established a funding and support programme that invites young business founders to use country’ potentials and promote their startup projects from there.

The programme offers its participants everything they need to fulfil the dream of one’s own business: a one-year working visa, 40 000 US Dollars in start-up capital and a global community of tech pioneers, mentors and business angels, which together form one of the world’s largest startup networks. Since 2010, hundreds of young entrepreneurs from across the globe have taken advantage of this programme and were able to profit from it. More information on Chile and its role as one of the most important innovation hubs on the continent can be found – you guessed it – at re:publica. 

Foto: Mike "Entering Startup" (CC BY-SA 2.0)