Your feedback on #rp14: 'Next time, can we have nymphs with grapes and a teddy?'.

It's now eleven weeks since we asked for your comments on this years' re:publica (rp14). We're delighted to report that a record 857 of you contributed to the questionnaire. Our sincere thanks to you all! 

Although we may not be able to adopt all your suggestions, they have been a great help in ensuring we do an even better job next year. Here is a summary of the main findings: We were particularly encouraged by the almost equal gender split, with 41,99 female attendees. Averaged, the majority of visitors were as follows:  48,30% between the age of 25-35,  52,41% in full employment and 77,82% attended all three re:publica days.

A significant number of you were first time visitors (39,56%) which is wonderful, considering 63,68% attend re:public specifically to meet new people. It was extremely encouraging to learn that in its 8 year history, only 9,27 % of you have a less than perfect attendance record, (missed one or two previous re:publica's).

Although 55,21% of you attended re:publica to meet old friends (school reunions), mere fun and games was not the prime reason. 93,37% came specifically to listen to the presentations, 70,43% for personal improvement and 58,04% for career developmental purposes.

Will we be seeing you again? 
Yes! with a resounding 86,90% response
We're already looking forward to it.

The responses to all 38 questions are included in the attached PDF.  Open answered questions could not be collated in the same way and have therefore not been included. Needless to say, all your feedback has been given careful consideration, we have taken critical comments to heart as well as been encouraged by your positive comments and constructive suggestions. This process is still ongoing. Please feel free to contact us at any time, either by using the contact form or by mailing info@re-publica.de