Science Hack Day – First Impressions

The Science Hack Day began with five inspiring lightning talks. In short presentations ranging from concrete projects, such as the “Spit Lamp” from last the last Science Hack Day Berlin, to digital art projects, including from digital art collective Elektropastete, various “food for thought” was presented. Presentations also included concrete resources, for example Wikidata Tools and innovative approaches for hacks, such as Biomimicry and Biotinkering.      

Following this inspiring introduction, 14 projects were pitched by the Science Hack Day participants. Some of the project pitches included incorporating a functioning keyboard into a glove or building a quadcopter, which uses electromagnetic induction to self-charge. Other ideas are collected in the hackpad.   

Teams came together on the basis of interest and expertise, be it in programming, design or even biology, in order to work on their hacks.

The Science Hackers, in their working groups, will hack and build throughout Saturday (of course, anyone wanting to stay over-night and work is more than welcome) until Sunday afternoon at 15:00. Finished projects and prototypes will be presented at 16:00. 


Das Wissenschaftsjahr 2014 – Die digitale Gesellschaft
The digital society is a society in change. Digital technologies permeate our daily lives and offer a variety of new possibilities. The Year of Science 2014 – the digital society shows how science and research drives these developments and dedicates itself to the outcomes of the digital revolution.

Photos: re:publica/Gregor Fischer (CC BY-SA 2.0)