#rp14 speaker: Constantin Seibt - Journalism. But better.

Journalism is collapsing on all fronts, so we are told. Print circulations are rapidly declining while click-journalism rules the online news desks and increases pressure on journalists. While some prophesise the demise of “classic” media, other are critical of the quality found in the “new”.     

Constantin Seibt has found his place in both worlds. As a journalist and author, he works for the Swiss-based weekly WOZ and Tages-Anzeiger and writes about “21st Century Journalism” for the Deadline blog. His writings are clever reflections on routines in journalism and innovative concepts: what formats appeal to the reader? What postures and attitudes should journalists take in their work? What linguistic tone and style should be used? Is the first-person perspective ever ok?
Seibt investigates these questions with humour and intelligence - and without turning into a preaching know-it-all.    

The digital transformation is reshuffling the media’s cards: when simple factual news loses importance, because it can be disseminated globally in seconds, analysis becomes increasingly important. Yet, the central question remains: what does all this mean for the media industry and journalists, on the one hand, and us – civic society – on the other?  

At re:publica, Constantin Seibt will give us the latest updates on the continually warring camps of media acceleration vs deceleration and print vs online news. He manoeuvres between the front lines with determination and provides insights into what “Journalism in the 21st Century” means to him.


Photo: Medienwoche