#rp14 speaker: Bianca Jagger - Learn from the best and defend human rights.

Having grown up under a military dictatorship in Nicaragua, Bianca Jagger is well aware of what it means to forgo democracy and human rights. In the 1970s, she received a scholarship to Sorbonne in Paris to study politics and began her career as a supermodel, once dubbed “Queen of the Night”, before finally finding her purpose in political activism and engagement.

Through the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation, she fights for human rights, social justice and the environment. In her Session Defending Human Rights worldwide, she will discuss the current state of human rights, new technologies and new forms of protest, associated with them. What works and why? How should communities network, in order for their protests to be heard? What role does new media have in all of this? The session will be joined by:

  • Felipe Altenfelder - One of the founders and editors of Midia Ninja - a guerilla media network of citizen journalists, featuring the motto “Independent Narratives, Journalism and Action”. Together with young journalists, Felipe reports on the latest protests in Brazil’s biggest cities. All they needed were smartphones and a little bit of social media, to engage with their target group.
  • Sanja Goel is also on a mission to get right to the source, in order to produce news. He is a co-founder of Oximity – a global platform, providing user-generated news content. Its aim is to empower citizens and create the means for them set their own news agenda.


Photo: Wolfgang H. Wögerer (CC BY-SA 3.0)