#rp14: Party!

As last year, the STATION-Berlin will feature the re:fill-Bar and the Lounge, which are geared up for nights of partying and entertainment.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect. Our re:fill-Bar is open on all three day, from 4pm onwards, and the Jazzbar will also be available to you. On the last day the Store will also be added to our list of party locations! All three locations will feature DJs from Berlin and Cologne, who will be setting the mood for a relaxed #rp14-chillout.

In the Jazzbar, Chris Bishop, former owner of the legendary Cologne Jazz bar “Metronom”, will treat you each day with his selection of Jazz, Be and Hard Bop sounds and provide the perfect place for inspiring talks and discussions and the odd beer, or two.

Jazzbar opening hours:
Tuesday 08:30 – 22:00 I Wednesday 09:00 – 01:00 I Thursday 09:00 – 02:30

On Tuesday, 6 May, we’re inviting you to the very first Web Week Night. Together with XJazz and Reeperbahn Festival, we present young bands and DJs, from Berlin and beyond, on two stages.

Stage 1 will set a “lounge-y” tone, ideal for relaxed get-togethers. Music will be provided by Chris Adams & Trio 68 (BER, presented by XJazz Festival) with Heidi Mortenson (DK/BER) and the DJ duo Karmafauna (BER).

For Stage 6 you’ll need to get your dancing shoes on! Its live evening programme is presented by Reeperbahn Festival and will open with the band U3000 (BER). BOKKA (PL) will follow with their unmistakable electro-pop sounds while DIY R’n’B Queen DENA (BG/BER) will wrap up the night. Between each set, Greg Haines & Bob Sacamano will be flinging vinyl and fill the space with their own dub/African/dance mix!

Wednesday, 7 May, will feature #a2n_soundsystem: Armed with music recommendations from All2gethernow, Andrea Goetzke and Eric Eitel will once again be playing their tunes at the re:fill-Bar, from 20:00.

Stuttgart’s DJ Friction, from “Schoß der Kolchose”, will be with us and offer a “special little something” – soul & funk in the re:fill-Bar, from 22:00.

On Thursday, 8 May, it’s once again time to say good-bye – with a bang!

In the courtyard, Maxim Vaga & Band (BER, presented by XJazz Festival) will provide acoustic delights and, with their soul, blues & singer songwriter mash-up, will invite you to hang-out, from 20:00 onwards.

In the re:fill-Bar, Aroma Pitch’s soul-electro (BER, presented by Reeperbahn Festival) will team-up with DJ Stylewalker’s organic soul food samples, from 19:00.

Last but not nearly least, check out the #rp14 DJ Allstar team!

It’s Denyo, Martin & Michi’s mission to make you dance in the Store, from 19:00.

Lunch beat at #rp14: Hamburg-based Inken Meyer and Dan Weigl are bringing in the lunch-time beats for the second time at re:publica. “Your first Lunch Beat? Then you have to dance!” is the motto here. Enjoy a unique lunch on Wednesday at the re:fill-Bar, with tunes brought to you by Block & Knopp.