Podcast Calling –Get in the mix with Sendezentrum

There is an old German proverb that reads: “What is shouted into the woods will be echoed back out”. So, what sounds can we expect to hear from the re:publica wild? The answers will be broadcast from the Sendezentrum, which will amplifying our voices during all three re:publica days. 

Sendezentrum was founded for re:publica 2013. Through it, Tim Pritlove (Metaebene) and the two Wikigeeks Claudia Krell and Ralf Stockmann are pursuing their idea of producing podcasts from and about various events. Their aim is to increase the event experience for all participants while also broadcasting to the outside world, via all the usual podcast outlets. This is where you come in: Sendezentrum is a space for all those already producing podcasts as well as anyone wanting to try their hand at this audio format. So take a seat, put the headphones on and away you go – welcome to the rp14 Podcast-Loft, featuring specially installed production equipment and optimised for podcasting. Let the Sendezentrum become a forum for your ideas and content and broadcast to up to 60 live participants on location and as well as countless listeners around the world. 

Podcaster can already reserve programming slots for the first two day. Just use the booking form and you’re set. 

Just like last year, Sendezentrum will also produce Die Sondersendung (the Broadcast Special). This podcast magazine, broadcast from 18:00 – 20:00 on all three re:publica days, features multiple moderators and provides round-ups of the daily events as well as reports on and interviews with guests, participants and organisers. Die Sondersendung will be recorded live before a studio audience. Listeners can come to Loft to join in or just listen to the stream in traditional podcasting fashion.

Feel like joining in and supporting the editorial team? Jot down notes for the show, scout for guests or help out in the research prior to re:publica. Tips on exciting topics are also always welcome. With your support, the Sondersendung producers can create the best nightly galas of the podcast world. 

Photo: Das Sendezentrum