Online Sale is (almost) Over!

On Sunday, 23:00, the online ticket sale for re:publica will come to an end. If you still don’t have a ticket but still want to join us, here are two options:

  • Become a Helper – we always end-up looking for a few more volunteers to take on a few more shifts. Places are really limited, so be quick about it. All volunteers receive a free ticket for their efforts. If you want to get involved, please send a mail to: help@re-publica.de
  • For all procrastinators or the extreme spontaneous: there will be a ticket counter at door to the STATION, where you can purchase tickets from Tuesday to Thursday.


Tuesday: until 19:00 for 250 Euro
Wednesday: until 19:00 for 180 Euro
Thursday: during the day for 110 Euro

Please be aware: tickets sold at the door are NOT individual day tickets. They are valid for all event day, up until Thursday evening. re-publica tickets can be purchased at the door.

Photo: re:publica CC BY 2.0