( OFFTIME ) and Simyo help you to relax, recharge, and RE/CONNECT

The vibrant and hectic nature of a social media conference is great when you’re on a full tank, but when you begin to feel a little jaded, you’ll be thankful you heard about RE/CONNECT. Proudly brought to you by ( OFFTIME ) and Simyo, RE/CONNECT is a space where you can recharge your depleted batteries (technological and physical), grab a free detox drink, and make your statement.

Unplug. Rebalance. Reconnect.

In the space (Tuesday & Wednesday, 10 am - 5 pm, entrance via the inner courtyard), there will be a chance to exchange thoughts on hyperconnectivity, talk about the benefits of occasionally unplugging, and make your statement about your on/off-line life. Given the privacy-related technological and political revelations in the last year, we must become more aware of the implications of our digital lifestyles. However, this shouldn’t stop at privacy and security, but extend to becoming conscious of any detrimental effects on our well-being, and in turn, seeking sustainable solutions.

Find a little breathing space in our hyperconnected world.

On Tuesday May 6th, 17.00-17.30 at RE/CONNECT, ( OFFTIME ) will be launching the preview of their eponymous app which tackles these issues head-on by keeping out digital distractions, so you can focus on the things that matter. The launch event will include a presentation by two of ( OFFTIME )’s founders, Alexander Steinhart and Michael Dettbarn, followed by a talk on the importance of detaching from the digital, delivered by psychologist Prof. Dr. Annekatrin Hoppe of Humboldt University, and conclude with a talk by Tim Ende-Styra of Simyo, and Alexander Steinhart, about why RE/CONNECT came to re:publica ‘14. Followed by some drinks and an informal get-together.

So, whenever you start to feel a little wary meandering through the buzzing conduits of re:publica ‘14, drop by RE/CONNECT for an opportunity to recharge for real.

About ( OFFTIME )

( OFFTIME ) is a young post-tech start-up from Berlin, enabling you to find a little breathing space in our hyperconnected world. For periods of time of your choice, ‘( OFFTIME ) Preview’ can block all notifications, calls, and texts, and restrict access to apps you find distracting. It also provides intuitive analytics of your mobile phone usage so you can learn more about your digital habits.

About Simyo

Simyo is a leading digital native among the telecommunication providers. In 2005 Simyo was the first to offer SIM-only products exclusively via the internet with discounted prices for telecommunications and mobile browsing in Germany. Simyo offers the essentials for mobile communication, and is always fair and reasonably priced.