Dinner is served - #rp14 Catering

re:publica is nearly upon us and pulses and anticipation are rising! Let’s top that by raising your appetite too! As in last year, the specially for #rp14 built re:staurant, re:fill Bar and the Jazzbar will be catering to your gastronomic needs, during all three re:publica days. We all know that hunger pangs are the conference-goer’s worst nightmare so let’s not even let it get to that stage. Want a little taster? Voila!:

  • couscous salad with ginger, peppers, tomatoes, cucumber and pine nuts
  • Pasta, fresh from the wok:  with asparagus-rocket sauce , with chicken and calvados sauce or beef mincemeat in red wine sauce
  • Meatballs in caper white sauce, served with mashed potatoes

The above is just a selection of the menu. The re:staurant and the grill in the STATION’s courtyard will serve much more, including organic sausages and halloumi – all at very moderate prices.

By the way – anyone thinking that we’re short-changing our motto when it comes to catering doesn’t know re:public very well. This year, we are going INTO THE culinary WILD and offering first class insect snacks: from scorpion lollipops, to mealworms and dried grasshopper on a stick. Try it, if you dare!  


Foto: Pawel Loj "dinner's served (bitches)" (CC BY-SA 2.0)