Atmosphere – introducing #rp14 Jazz Bar

re:publica has always been more than a conference. When 5,000 visitors start making their way into the STATION-Berlin in May it won't be just for the exciting talks, panels and workshops but also to meet and hangout with nice and interesting people in a relaxed atmosphere.

So, for #rp14 we have a bit of an ace up our sleeve: Chris Bishop, former owner of Cologne's legendary jazz bar Metronom, will run his own bar at re:publica! The American is the absolute top choice when it comes to setting the vibe. Before you know it, his easy going manner and likeable American accent has got you relaxing and sipping on a drink.

Despite, or perhaps because of him not being the most up-to-date when it comes to technology (“In my bar we only play vinyl and I'm mostly unsure of what my mobile is doing.”), the Jazz Bar will become the ideal spot for inspiring talks, stimulating debates and a beer or two.

When it comes to music, Chris has an exact concept in mind: Jazz Bar – the name says it all. Classical Jazz, Bebop and Hard Bop records will be spun and perhaps even enthuse those, who rarely come into contact with jazz music.

Chris's concept is defined by simplicity: “I'm looking at a large, square room with a bar and a record player – and that's where I'll spin my records.” Just like the Metronom in Cologne, he's looking to create an oasis: a place to relax from the daily re:publica hustle and bustle.

Take a break from the comings-and-goings in an atmospheric lounge, start the conference day with a coffee and end it with a beer or cocktail. The Jazz Bar will be open throughout the day, serving drinks and the occasional snacks.

So it's one more for the list of things to look forward to: join us in welcoming Chris Bishop and the first ever re:publica Jazz Bar!

Opening times:
Tuesday       8:30 AM - 22:00 PM
Wednesday  9:00 AM - 1:00 AM
Thursday      9:00 AM - 2:30 AM

XJAZZ Festival
XJAZZ Festival is the new platform for jazz and is partnering with re:publica this year. During 3 days and in 6 clubs, 45 bands are looking to prove that electronica, string quartet and indie can all be jazz, given an open mind. JAZZ can be contemporary and timeless. Groove, sound and interesting improvisations - all this at XJAZZ Festival, 8 – 11 May, - and, of course, in our Jazzbar!

Foto cc by 2.0 re:publica/Dirk Haeger