Aleksey Stemmer – Abandoned places

When the whole STATION itself begins to disappear INTO THE WILD it's because Aleksey Stemmer has been at work. His imposing forest motives are the foundation for our concept design this year, which he graciously donated to re:publica.

Thank you, Aleksey!

Aleksey Stemmer is a professional nature photographer from Riga, Latvia, who ventures into abandoned places and dares to find unique perspectives. His breath-taking landscape photography documents how nature reclaims what was once its own: industrial wastelands, former military bases and training grounds turn into a unique wilderness, when abandoned by humans for long enough.   

Aleksey explores these places and will often climb up forgotten pylons and towers in order to show, through vertigo inducing bird’s-eye-views, how ordered infrastructure can be overrun and deconstructed by nature.

In his talk, Urban Exploration: local places under a different angle, he will give practical tips to both photography professionals and amateurs and encourage the audience to explore unusual areas and spaces. One doesn’t always have to go deep INTO THE WILD for results. Sometimes, unimagined wilderness can be fund closer to home, perhaps even around the corner behind the local supermarket. 

Aleksey will also present some of these amazingly beautiful places, in his session. So lean back, relax and take it all in!