stage 1
17:30 - 18:30
The Amish Futurist and the power of buttermilk


We look forward to this nostalgic stopover on our journey into the future – a session filled with digital self-reflection and a chance to ask ourselves who we were, instead of who we are.


We are being forever driven forward by technological advances. But is the use of technology sustainable for our psyche? What if some technology could help keep us grounded in our more human-centric roots? Even if we simply ignore the increasing stresses of constant digital accessibility on our iPhones, at Twitter or Facebook, the eventual consequences will be felt. The Amish Futurist looks at the impact that technology is having on our minds, emotions, relationships, sense of place and purpose. She shares her perspectives on buttermilk, technology fears and phobias, and her search for the soul of the startup scene.